Kesté Pizza School

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Redefine “pizza party” with a class at Kesté – our kind of school – and learn from famed pizzaiolos Roberto and Giorgia Caporuscio.


The father-daughter duo behind New Work’s expanding Kesté empire have installed six pizza ovens for students to ply their craft, mastering Neapolitan pies under the tutelage of Roberto, the U.S. President of the Association of Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli.
(77 Fulton St.)

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33 Comments to “ Kesté Pizza School”

  1. Mike Donohue says :

    I would like information about the pizza school. Dates and cost, thank you very much in advance!!

  2. alex sproul says :

    Which days are you allowed to take the pizza class?

  3. Marcus says :

    Could you please send me information for upcoming dates as well as prices for your pizza class. Looking into opening a pizzeria and wanted something more geared to restauranteurs. Thanks!

  4. Victoria yockel says :

    I would like more information on the pizza school like dates and times. Also what is the cost?

  5. Neal Saenz says :

    I would like more information on scheduling a class, pricing, and what to expect. Also if there is any discount pricing for groups of 3 or more. Thank you.

  6. Lorraine says :

    I would like information on your pizza classes. Thank you. The pizza maker at The Woodstock NY told us he does classes at Keste but I can’t find anything on line.

  7. Carol shulman says :

    I would like information about your pizza class- would like to offer it as a gift for Father’s Day. Can you please tell me when it is offered, how much it is too please and how i would sign up for it ..
    Thank you

  8. Robert says :

    Hello. Interested in a pizza class. Bob 347 441 9521. Thanks

  9. Zach Basmajian says :

    I would like to obtain information regarding the pricing and schedule of the pizza school and how to sign up. Thank you!

  10. Alan Shelton says :

    Hi please send information of cost, dates, time frames, all aspects of course.?

  11. Jeff says :

    Interested in the pizza class?

  12. Jessica Ying says :

    Hi, I would like to reserve a pizza class for team bonding event on any weekday from 5/9 to 5/15. Please let me know your availabilities and price. Thank you in advance!

  13. Loren Brill says :

    Do you offer gluten free pizza making and mozzarella classes for 2 people? Would love to schedule next month. When are your cooking demo dates? Thanks!!

  14. Aylin says :

    Hi, looking to bring in a team of 30 on Thursday July 25th for a pizza making class. Please provide pricing and any other details. Thanks!

  15. Dino Centra says :

    Would like infomation on pizza classes. Thank you!!

  16. Rachel Kartiganer says :

    Do you offer gluten free pizza classes?

  17. Erica Cannella says :

    Ciao. When is your next pizza class? Do you have a list of dates?

  18. Janice says :

    Hello there, We would like to inquire about pizza making classes on September 1-September 4th. Could you send me some more information on dates and cost for 1-2 people?

  19. Rachel Butler says :

    Hi there, I am looking to book a pizza class at some point over the next few weeks. Do you have some dates/availability/prices? Please let me know! Thank you.

  20. TC says :

    Hoping to potentially book an office holiday party with pizza making lessons and bottomless wine and beer. Can you please provide an estimate on how much this would cost for 20-25 people on a weekday around 6pm in December?

    1. Marco Gentili says :

      Hello, I am looking to book a pizza class on Tuesday the 14.. Do you have some availability? Please let me know! Thank you.

  21. Fuad Alkhawaldeh says :

    Can you please send me information about the pizza school….
    Thank you

  22. Richard Millinder says :

    Info on pizza class. Thanks.

  23. Caitlin Fitzpatrick says :

    Please send me information on the pizza school.

  24. E McGuire says :


    I would like to be placed on your mailing list for your pizza making class.

  25. Matthew McMullan says :

    Good morning,

    We were in yesterday for some pickup of Gluten-Free pies, and the wait staff mentioned that you run classes. I am definitely interested in the classes as I use the Gluten-free Caputo flour at home and am always looking to improve my dough. Are there specific classes for “senza-gluten” pizza or is it covered in the general classes?


  26. Dale says : – please send 2021 classes and schedule

    Thank you,

  27. Stephanie says :

    I would love information about your pizza class. I’m looking to book for my boyfriend’s birthday in September.

  28. Vanessa says :

    Looking for a private pizza making class on 10/13 for 4 people!

  29. Cate DiBenedetto says :

    Hi! Are you still teaching pizza school? My husband loves Keste and we recently got a pizza oven at home so I am hoping so for a Christmas gift!

    Please let me know!

  30. Christina Ambrosino says :

    Looking for information about the pizza school

  31. Valerie Cummins says :

    Are you still doing pizza making classes? Can I get some information on cost and how to book?
    Thank you!

  32. Alexa says :

    Hi! I’m interested in setting up a private pizza class for clients. Is this something you could do?