“Keste Might be Some Of the Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had. Seriously.”

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“(…) A classic dish to try is their creamy Burrata with prosciutto di Parma. Load a slice of Burrata with the prosciutto onto a warm piece of bread and drizzle it with some fresh olive oil. You will be transfixed with just how fresh and tasty all three components are, and will leave you satisfied and ready for what’s to come.”


I am someone who has had their fare share of pizza in my lifetime, and generally love each slice that I “gavone” each time I have it. Keste Pizzeria, which is located on Gold Street in the heart of the financial district, just might be some of the best pizza I have ever had here in Manhattan. And given that this is one of the cities where pizza runs supreme, it can truthfully mean a lot to stand at the front of the pack for this sort of culinary treat.

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