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We New Yorkers love our pizza and many of us can name farflung neighborhoods we’d visit just for a slice or two. But how many of us make our own pizza at home? Whether it’s the toppings, the crust, the sauce, the thickness or the thinness, there are a million ways to make a pizza. Ms. Caporuscio, who teaches at the Kesté Pizza & Vino Pizza Academy, says great pizza is all about treating the dough right; and before that, quality ingredients. The last piece of the pizza puzzle: a very hot oven.

The clink of wine glasses grows faint and the party scene seems to fade. We step to a marble countertop and adjust our aprons. We are at the Pizza Academy on Fulton Street.
“Massage the dough,” encourages Giorgia Caporuscio, pressing our hands into floury rounds. “Don’t be scared to touch. Push the air bubbles to the edge. Gently, gently.” This is authentic Neapolitan pizza-making instruction from a master.

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4 Comments to “ Get a PhD at Pizza Academy”

  1. Steven says :

    When.are rescheduling the NYzv style pizza making classes?


  2. Steven Pasquale says :


    Could you offer a training for artisan style?
    I’d like to learn to bake in wood fired but at 650 to 700 degrees with like a 3 minute bake?

    Would like to learn.more about making dough for that style etc

    Thank you

  3. George Goumas says :

    Do you teach the art of Pizza making. I am interested to learn. I trained to cook in Puglia, and have always marveled at the art of Pizza making.

  4. Jeff says :

    Where can I find information on your pizza classes?