37Things You Need to Add to Your NYC Fall Checklist

[…] New York Pizza Festival comes to the Bronx’s Little Italy on October 6 and 7 with an all-star lineup of pizzerias from NYC, cities across the country (yes, some of them have good pizza) and even Naples, Italy. Read more… 

NewYork City Events to Know this Fall

If you didn’t get enough Italian action at Feast of San Genaro, this one’s for you. New York is a city lauded for its pizza, and finally there’s a festival to celebrate it. The first New York Pizza Festival runs October 6–7 on Crescent Avenue in the Bronx, from noon to 6 pm, and showcases not only America’s top dough champs, but those from Naples, Italy as well. Read more…

@nyceeeeeats:want access to the world's best pizza?

Want access to the world’s best pizza? Attend the first annual New York Pizza Festival on October 6th & 7th in the Bronx! The two-day pizza extravaganza will feature one-of-a-kind pizzas made by the world’s best pizzaioli, including this heavenly pie by @difarapizzanyc! Along with delicious pizza, the festival will also offer beer, wine, and lots of live music! Claim your tickets now by visiting and be sure to follow @nypizzafestival for more updates! Read more…

Singularattraction. Celebrate your fave food at these tests

New York Pizza Festival
Oct. 6-7
Find some 30 pizza makers from NYC, across the United States and as far as Naples, Italy, at this first-ever, outdoor festival -modeled on the annual Napoli Pizza Village in Naples – taking over Crescent Street in Belmont’s Little Italy. Oct 6 from noon-6 p.m., Oct 7 from noon-4 p.m., $25/three slices, $35/six slices, $20/three drinks, $30/five drinks. Read more… (page 11)

Pizzatakes over the Northeast this October

[…] world-renowned pizza makers and chefs will showcase their talents on the streets in Bronx. The first New York Pizza Festival will commence October 6-7 on Crescent Avenue in Bronx. Read more…

@Nyceeeeeats:Attention All Pizza Lovers!

Attention all pizza lovers! The first annual New York Pizza Festival will be held on October 6th & 7th in the Bronx! The festival will feature over 30 unique pizzas made by the world’s most renowned pizza makers, including this scrumptious St. Louie pie […] Read more…

Pizza,Pizza. And Then Some.

The Bronx will host the first New York Pizza Festival on Columbus Day weekend.

The first New York Pizza Festival will be held in the Bronx, in the Little Italy of the borough near Arthur Avenue, on Oct. 6 and 7. More than two dozen booths dispensing pizzas in different styles. Read more…

NewYork May Actually Be Getting A Legit Pizza Festival This Fall

Suck it, Chicago – New York City is the pizza capital of the world. Which kind of explains why we don’t actually need a “pizza festival.” Even the greasiest dollar slice here is better than anything you’ll get anywhere else (it’s the water, duh). Then again, the absence of a pizza fest is not for lack of trying. We all remember last year’s Pizza Festival debacle, which we (oh so cleverly!) dubbed the “foodie Fyre.” Long story short, people paid upwards of $150 for bite-sized slices in a shady Bushwick parking lot. Hey, it happens. Read more…

FirstAnnual New York Pizza Festival

Tickets are now on sale for the first annual New York Pizza Festival, held Oct. 6-7 in Little Italy, in the Bronx. The event will bring together some of the top pizzaioli from the five boroughs and across the country, as well as a special consortium from Naples, Italy.

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TicketsNow on Sale for The Bronx’s FIRST New York Pizza Festival!

First of all it’s way too early to be thinking about pizza (ok I’m lying, it’s NEVER too early to think about pizza). Tickets are finally on sale for The Bronx’s first ever New York Pizza Festival in Belmont the home of NYC’s REAL Little Italy […]! Read more…

ALegitimate New York Pizza Festival is Finally Coming to NYC

Last year’s New York Pizza Festival was a story of nightmares. But this year, the organizer of the International Pizza Expo, Peter Lachapelle, and NYC pizza expert Scott Wiener—both of whom are completely unconnected to the “unlimited” scheme of 2017—are joining forces to create a legitimate NY Pizza Festival, the right way! Read more…

New'New York Pizza Festival' Hopes To Avoid Fate Of Last Year's New York Pizza 'Fyre' Festival

Last year, the inaugural New York City Pizza Festival was dubbed the Fyre Festival of NYC food events after attendees paid up to $75 for a “total scam” that had them waiting over an hour to enter a “shady parking lot” in Bushwick for empty tents and barely any food. The Attorney General opened an inquiry into the fiasco, and the organizer apologized and gave out refunds. So it’s understandable that some NYers might be deeply skeptical at the news that a new “New York Pizza Festival” (completely unrelated to last year’s disaster) is set to hit the city this fall—but organizers swear it’ll be nothing like that other one. Read more…

ANew and Supposedly Improved Pizza Festival Is Headed for NYC

[…] Tickets for the New York Pizza Festival are now on sale

Attendees of the original New York Pizza Festival in 2017 are likely still haunted by what turned out to be a total scam that was investigated by the attorney general because of how it ripped people off at epic proportions. But there’s a new New York Pizza Festival in town, set to take place October 6th and 7th and unconnected to the disaster that happened last year. The festival is set to take place in the Bronx, and tickets are available hereRead more…

NewYork Pizza Festival planners swear it won't be like disastrous predecessor

Hopefully this pie fest won’t be half-baked. The first-ever New York Pizza Festival rises in the Bronx this fall, and organizers are taking steps to avoid the dough-saster that plagued its predecessor. […]

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Festivalsin NYC: From music to beer, there's a festival for you

No matter your interest, there’s a festival for you.
Several events are on the horizon. From RuPaul’s Drag Con to the New York Pizza Festival, there is much to do coming up.
Mark your calendars for these upcoming events happening in the city — and remember that New Yorkers buy tickets quickly. Read more…

N.Y.,we are not cheesy!

Our pizza fest good: group
Hope fully this piefest won’t be half-baked.
The first-ever New York Pizza Festival rises in the Bronx this fall, and organizers are taking steps to avoid the dough disaster that plagued its predecessor.

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Larivelazione di LSDM New York: il talento di Giorgia Caporuscio la pizzaiola di Kestè Fulton

[…] Sono gli occhi scuri e le mani abili di Giorgia Caporuscio, 28 anni pizzaiola al Kesté Fulton poco lontano dal popolare Ponte di Brooklyn e dalla city nanziaria di New York. Padrona di casa e rivelazione di LSDM New York ’18, ha aperto la giornata di masterclass dedicata ai 5 stili di pizza napoletana. Read more (Italian article)

Celebritiesspotted out and about - week of June 29th and July 6th

The first annual New York City Pizza Festival held their pre-festival kickoff party at Kesté Pizza & Vino with famed Pizzaioli from four of the five boroughs of NYC. Standing in for Mayor Bill De Blasio (who was unable to attend), Jon Paul Lupo, quipped that the mayor was in fact there in spirit, referencing the forks and knives on the tables.

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GirlEats NYC - Lori on Instagram: "Love pizza? The first Annual NY Pizza Fest kicks off Oct 6-7!"

Lori L. at Kesté Fulton
“If you love pizza as much as I do: Get Ready for the first annual New York Pizza Fest in 10/6-10/7! You’ll get to try slices from some of the best pizzerias in town […]”
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NewYork Pizza Festival 2018 press review

Press Review | Wednesday June 27, 2018

Kesté Pizza & Vino | 77 Fulton Street | 6.30 PM – 8.30 PM

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Geta slice of Naples at this pizza fest

The Bronx to host pie affair this fall
Eat your way around the country’s top pizzerias on one Bronx street this fall.
As many as 30 pizza makers from across the U.S.
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LSDMNew York 27th and 29 th June 2018

June 27th – from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, presented by “Master Pizzaioli”

Enzo Coccia – Pizzaria La Notizia – Napoli
Carlo Sammarco – Carlo Sammarco Pizzaria 2.0 – Aversa (Napoli)
Giorgia Caporuscio – Kesté Pizzeria – New York
Tony Gemignani – Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco
Anthony Mangieri – Una Pizza Napoletana – New York
Master Pizzaioli will be introduced by Luciano Pignataro, Guido Barendson, Antonio Scuteri ad Scott Wiener
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Pizza,pasta e tutti i sapori del made in Italy di qualità: Lsdm ritorna a New York

[…] dopo l’esperienza dello scorso anno, LSDM ­ Le Strade della Mozzarella rinnovano il loro appuntamento a stelle e strisce, con una due giorni interamente dedicata all’approfondimento sui temi che sono cari alla kermesse gastronomica: il futuro della cucina, i prodotti di eccellenza, i grandi cuochi. Il tutto presso la pizzeria Kestè di Fulton Street, il 27 e il 29 giugno. Read more…

NewYork Pizza Festival won't be another 'Fyre Festival of Pizza', co-creator says

Eat your way around the country’s top pizzerias on one Bronx street this fall.
As many as 30 pizza makers from across the U.S., and a small contingent from Naples, Italy, will sell tastes of their signature pies and slices during the first-ever New York Pizza Festival taking place on Crescent Street in Belmont’s Little Italy district over Columbus Day weekend. Read more

Napoli.Venite a scoprire la migliore pizza dell’estate con 7 pizzaiole d’Italia

Quale sarà la pizza perfetta per l’estate 2018? Come ogni anno i migliori pizzaioli si riuniscono per presentare le proprie proposte e delineare le nuove tendenze per la bella stagione con Una Pizza per l’Estate by Mulino Caputo, l’evento, giunto alla sesta edizione, che sarà di scena a Napoli, il 3 maggio, presso il Ristorante Rosiello di Posillipo. Read more…

UnaPizza per l'Estate by Mulino Caputo 2018: un'edizione in rosa

Preparatevi a scoprire quali saranno le tendenze delle pizze per l’estate 2018, con “Una Pizza per l’Estate by Mulino Caputo”.
L’evento, giunto alla sesta edizione, sarà di scena a Napoli, il 3 maggio, presso il panoramico Ristorante Rosiello di Posillipo. A dettar legge, questa volta, sarà l’altra metà del cielo. Read more

TornaUna Pizza per l’Estate by Mulino Caputo

Preparatevi a scoprire quali saranno le tendenze delle pizze per l’estate 2018, con “Una Pizza per l’Estate by Mulino Caputo”.
L’evento, giunto alla sesta edizione, sarà di scena a Napoli, il 3 maggio, presso il panoramico Ristorante Rosiello di Posillipo. A dettar legge,  questa volta,  sarà l’altra metà del cielo. Read more…

Unapizza per l’estate Caputo: protagoniste le pizzaiole

Preparatevi a scoprire quali saranno le tendenze delle pizze per l’estate 2018, con “Una Pizza per l’Estate by Mulino Caputo”.
L’evento, giunto alla sesta edizione, sarà di scena a Napoli, il 3 maggio, presso il panoramico Ristorante Rosiello di Posillipo. A dettar legge, questa volta, sarà l’altra metà del cielo. Read more

#WomenInPizzawith Scott Wiener

When I started making pizza 5 years ago, I had no idea that Women were underrepresented in the Pizza industry. As a young girl watching the movie, The Last Dragon (my muse/inspiration for Last Dragon Pizza), seeing Daddy Green’s Pizza in the film really resonated with me; Little did I know how much that movie would change my life.
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92ndStreet Y

Scott Weiner enjoys the enviable title of pizza historian; a favorite meal turned into an obsession as he researched the history and the science behind the iconic dish and began hosting expeditions to landmark restaurants.
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Whereto Find the Most Authentic Pizza in the World

To find the most authentic—and dare we say, BEST—pizza in the world, you have to visit its birthplace.
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Femalepizza chefs at Vic’s, Kesté and more stand out in male-dominated industry

Standouts include mother-daughter duo Rose and Susan Bagali, […], and Giorgia Caporuscio, daughter of acclaimed pizzaiolo Roberto Caporuscio, who serves as the executive chef at two of her family’s restaurants: Don Antonio in midtown and the new Kesté Pizza & Vino in the Financial District.
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Geta PhD at Pizza Academy

The clink of wine glasses grows faint and the party scene seems to fade. We step to a marble countertop and adjust our aprons. We are at the Pizza Academy on Fulton Street.
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"L'annodella pizza all'Unesco, dieci pizzaioli da ricordare"

[Roberto Caporuscio] Alfiere della pizza napoletana a New York, insieme alla figlia Giorgia ha aperto un nuovo locale bellissimo, con annessa scuola per giovani pizzaioli. Una vera portaerei dello stile partenopeo negli Stati Uniti. La scommessa da vincere: resistere alla fusion.
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The8 Best Pizza Spots in NYC

It’s true, at any time of the day—morning, noon or night—you can grab a delicious slice in the city that never sleeps. (And sometimes for $1!)
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100best ’17: Fritatina at Kesté

My first post on this site was for the still excellent pizzeria Kesté. This year they expanded big time with locations in both Williamsburg and the Financial District. And they also got a little fancier with a few new appetizers that were not available at the original Bleecker Street location.
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MeetGiorgia Caporuscio, Queen of Neapolitan Pizza in New York

It’s a man’s world, and even more so when it comes to the pizza-making industry; but that hasn’t stopped young and talented Giorgia Caporuscio from stepping in and claiming her (honorable) spot. Giorgia, daughter of acclaimed pizza master Roberto Caporuscio, is the general manager and executive pizza chef at Don Antonio and Kesté, four Neapolitan pizzerias in New York, where she works alongside her father. 
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RobertoCaporuscio and Tony Gimignani

The collaborative Pizza for Hurricane victims
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«Kestèla buona pizza a New York»

“Dal Cilento a New York non è facile, da New York al Cilento ancora più difficile, perché ritrovarsi con tutta la Campania assediata dalle fiamme è inquietante e spaventoso, ritrovarsi nel proprio paese con il fuoco a pochi metri da casa ti fa dimenticare le pizze, la gioia della scoperta e tutto quel mondo che passa anche su questo blog.”
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«Pizzaioliitaliani all’estero, che “eroi” - Mixano cultura tricolore e gusti locali»

“[…] Interessante, sul tema, l’esperienza di una famosa realtà di New York, Roberto Caporuscio, patron di Kestè Pizza & Vino: «Abbiamo webcam in streaming e facciamo quasi tutti i giorni live streaming mostrando come facciamo l’impasto sia sul nostro sito che su Facebook». Quale il punto di debolezza cagionato dal non essere in Italia e, di contro, quale il punto di forza? Risposte significative. Tra i dolenti punti di debolezza la reperibilità del fresco e talvolta la scarsa competenza della clientela. Ma, attenzione, l’incompetenza della clientela è stato individuato anche come punto di forza allorquando vissuto come opportunità di edutainment e quindi di valore distintivo rispetto ai competitors.

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INARAfundraiser in New York raises over $20,000

We raised an incredible $20,000 at our fundraising event in New York on September 29! The event at Keste Pizzeria Wall Street was organized by Melissa Mahtani, a Social TV Producer at CNN. There was wine, pizza, and a silent auction which included prizes such as an African safari, among many others
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Deep-friedIs the Naples speciality you've been missing.

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All-You-Can-EatDining Goes Upscale

Restaurants that offer all-you-can-eat dining are often more about quantity than quality. But a number of higher-end New York City establishments are looking to reverse that trend. Kesté Pizza & Vino, the pizzeria that offers authentic Neapolitan-style pies, has introduced a daily $20 unlimited-slices promotion, dubbed “Marathon Pizza,” at its Williamsburg location in Brooklyn. The restaurant previously had tested a similar…
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All-you-can-eatpizza is now a thing in Williamsburg

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FulfillYour Pizza Dreams at Kesté Pizza & Vino

Pizza is without a doubt one of New York City’s food staples. Upon almost every corner you can find a spot shelling out $1 slices and people travel from all over to get their hands on a gooey NY slice. But those seeking a more traditional pizza have fewer options to choose from. There are quite a few restaurants in the city that boast their Neapolitan-style pizzas, but one of our favorites is Kesté Pizza & Vino.
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WestVillage Pizza Favorite, Kesté, Opens Up a Pizza-Making School

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StuffAll The Pizza Your Mouth Will Take For Two Hours At Williamsburg’s Keste

Ah, pizza, the food that so many New Yorkers say they can eat for every meal, every day, without even giving it a second thought.
Well, you’ve got an opportunity to test your devotion to the sacred pie now, because Williamsburg pizza place Keste (232 North 12th Street) has announced a two-hour all-you-can-eat pizza marathon every day at their restaurant starting Friday.

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Makingand eating Neapolitan pies at Kesté Pizza

 – Pizza is a family affair for Roberto Caporuscio and daughter Giorgia Caporuscio. Roberto is a pizzaiolo, Italian for master pizza maker. Giorgia is a pizzaiola, a female master pizza maker — one of the few in the United States.
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KesteMight be Some Of the Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had. Seriously.

I am someone who has had their fare share of pizza in my lifetime, and generally love each slice that I “gavone” each time I have it. Keste Pizzeria, which is located on Gold Street in the heart of the financial district, just might be some of the best pizza I have ever had here in Manhattan.
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Kestépizza school

Redefine “pizza party” with a class at Kesté – our kind of school – and learn from famed pizzaiolos Roberto and Giorgia Caporuscio.
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Howto make pizza as Neapolitan Pro

Good slices of New York pizza are as ubiquitous as manhole covers. Great slices are rare. Making superior pizza at home — well, if you live in my home, it’s a bit of a crapshoot.
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PizzaRestaurant and Cooking School Kesté Pizza & Vino Opens in FiDi

Pizza master Roberto Caporuscio and his daughter Giorgia Caporuscio have opened their fourth restaurant, Kest{ Pizza & Vino. The design of the 150-seat pizzeria, is inspired by a rare copy of the 1866 book .. 
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TheAbsolute Best Gluten-Free Dining Options in New York

The love that an untold number of New Yorkers have for Roberto Caporuscio’s pizzeria seems to knows no bounds, and it may come as no surprise that its long-running gluten-free menu has a near-fanatical following of its own.
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